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All About Function And Lifestyle

When thinking about tackling your next remodel project or during the build of a new home, function and lifestyle are SO incredibly important! During consultations I ask a lot of questions revolving around, not just colors or finishes, but HOW DO YOU LIVE? Do you have kids, pets, work full time away from home or does someone work in the home? What don’t you like about the space currently, not the finishes, but how it functions? Or if starting from scratch, what would help you function well within the space?

Design is not just about the pretty stuff you pick out to put in your home, but how you live in it is important also. Everyone has different taste in terms overall look and quality, but if you cook or entertain often, the gadgets offered in kitchen cabinets will be very important to you. How much storage do you need? For example, my husband really enjoys his personal space. During the build of our home the plans for our master bath called for our vanities to be back to back, only a few feet apart, and I knew that wouldn’t work for us. So, we redesigned it allowing for both of us to be in there in the morning getting ready for work, plus our young daughters, who rarely use their own bathroom to brush their teeth and two dogs, without feeling crowded. Do you need a space to read or do you take baths and need a soaking tub? When you think about designing a space, or redesigning it, how you will live in it, and the lifestyle you lead, are just as important as the flooring you pick out or the new paint color. Function and Lifestyle play a very significant role in every one of my projects.

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