The Process & Pricing

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Each and every project is unique, therefore each and every project is planned, priced, and carried through as such. Regardless of the size of the project, our goal is to ensure the end result fits exactly what you want and who you are.  

For us, to better understand what the client is looking for, it is more than just discussing what you would love to see in the design.   Understanding your lifestyle and getting to know a few things about you, your spouse/partner, any children you may have, and even the family pet are essential. These characteristics about you and your family are incorporated into our design process.


We will plan a complimentary phone appointment with you to further discuss details.  The initial in-home consultation fee is $100.00 for up to one hour with additional time billed accordingly.  Our preferred method of billing is to propose a flat design fee for your remodel project. The fee is based upon the complexity and time anticipated to develop and implement your project. Other service fees will be dependent upon the needs of the client. New construction is based on square foot pricing per the size and detail of the home.   


*additional trip or travels fees may apply dependent upon location