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Kristin Bergunder
About Kristin

Kristin has a true passion for her work.  She has an extensive background in Business Management with a Bachelor's earned through Tri-State University.  Kristin earned her Diploma in Interior Design through the Interior Design Institute and is a licensed Real Estate Broker for Compass Real Estate.  She previously assisted with the Management of her husband's successful construction business, and has been creating and reinventing spaces for over 10 years. Without utilizing a professional builder, she assisted with every aspect of the design and construction of her and her husband's dream home completed in 2015.


From assisting with building new homes, whole home renovations starting from studs, smaller projects such as a bath, or simply providing help with selecting finishes or paint colors, Kristin enjoys it all! She has several local Realtor colleagues who hire her services to walk homes with their sellers in order to provide advice to "stage" the home to prepare it for the market. Seeing the professional photos after the hard work is done is so rewarding.


In her spare time, Kristin enjoys the outdoors, reading a good book and the company of friends and family.  As a strong advocate for the Hamilton County Humane Society, she donates regularly on behalf of her clients for reviews, referrals and closed real estate transactions.


No matter the size of the project, the goal is always the same: to make your personal style shine. Kristin will provide new inspiration and ideas while incorporating elements of your liking into every concept presented. 

Bergunder family
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