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From a Home, To a House, To a Product.
Home Stage To Sell

The way a homeowner lives and decorates their home is very different from the way it should be marketed. Well presented homes spend 78% less time on the market. The cost to prepare the home up front, and maximize the potential, is less than the cost of a price reduction. Elevate the value of services presented to your sellers.....stand out! Many of our agents provide this consultation as a part of their listing services.


Kristin simplifies the home selling experience which can be stressful and emotional for your Seller(s) and/or for you as the Agent. Staging isn't just bringing furniture in to a vacant property. It also includes working with sellers who occupy the residence, providing advice, and working with them to ensure their home is presented well to potential buyers.

Sellers (s) will receive guidance as to how they need to prepare to sell their property, ensure it is competitive with other homes on the market, and help a buyer visualize themselves living in it. 

What is included?


Included in the walk through is a detailed room by room (exterior as well) report typed after the in person walk through, along with a professional printout of showing tips, maintenance to pay attention to, cleaning/decluttering, presented to the client. Paint color selections can be made at the time of consult if needed. FREE paint samples can be mailed directly to your client as well within 3-5 business days from Sherwin Williams, Porter Paint, or Benjamin Moore. If any additional work is planned, such as flooring replacement, you can plan to have the contractor there at the time of consult or samples to choose from and Kristin will assist! Seller (s) will also receive a post card after the consult thanking them for the invite to their home.

If you would like to see an example report please reach out and one will be emailed to you!

Staging Consultation Pricing and Structure


Inclusive of up to 30 minutes of travel to and from home office location at 146th and Shelborne in Westfield,  up to 1 hour on site, typed detail report of walk through, and professional printout of seller tips for preparation, photos, and showings, thank you postcard mailed to seller.

Home Size                                                                                                          

Up to 3,000 sq feet                                                                                        

Standard rate                                                                                                 $150

3,0001 - 4,000 sq feet                                                                                     

Standard rate                                                                                                 $175

4,001 - 5,000 sq feet                                                                                       

Standard rate                                                                                                 $200

5,001 – 6,000 sq feet                                                                                     

Standard rate                                                                                                 $250

6,001 – 7,000 sq feet                                                                                      

Standard rate                                                                                                 $280

*Inquire for larger home


Additional time and/or travel

Additional time on site beyond 1 hour will be billed at $25.00 per quarter hour.



31 – 40 minutes commute one way: $25 flat travel fee

41-50 minutes commute one way: $50 flat travel fee

51-60 minutes commute one way: $75 flat travel fee

Inquire for additional service options such as new counter top quoting, cabinet refinish, painting, flooring replacement, and remodeling.

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Schedule Home Staging Consult

Schedule your walk-through with report included

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Options For Your Seller

Contact us now to discuss what the best options are for your client's needs

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Closing Gift Certificate 

Present your client with a unique gift elegantly prepped for closing day 

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