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8 Spring Spruce Ups

Looking for some suggestions to bring Spring alive in and around your home? Here are 8 easy suggestions for a quick home mini make over or freshening up......

1) Consider a new front door and/or garage door (s). The ROI on this is fantastic and will give your exterior a quick new look. An easy way to add a new color or texture to your exterior.

2) Touch up your interior and exterior trim. I get asked a lot whether painting interior trim is necessary if there is an interest in putting a new color on the walls. If you wipe it and it still looks scuffed or will look worse with a fresh coat on the walls so my answer would be yes.

3) Swap out your bedding.

4) Clean walls, windows, and screens. Windows should be professionally cleaned. It is well worth the investment. Replace any screens with holes so those flies and mosquitoes don't get in!

5) Swap out couch and/or chair toss pillows or bring in a new rug.

6) Bring out or uncover the outdoor furniture. There is something about bringing out the Spring/Summer furniture that makes me feel great! Consider new cushions for a fresh look.

7) Change your dining table center piece.

8) Add flowers!!! Inside and out. If filling some pots outdoors, watch the weather for freezing temps overnight. Be sure to put a bag over, wrap, or bring inside for the night, anything that is sensitive to frost. Just a little longer until that is not a concern.

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