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Great Time For Mini Projects

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

With the Winter Holiday season here, the opportunity to do a little decluttering and reorganizing is perfect for a number of reasons. Big projects are typically not suggested during this time but minis such as reorganizing a closet, a play room, your pantry, storage area (where decorations go…hint hint), etc. are GREAT! In an effort to cycle out the old and make room for the new, you accomplish a variety of tasks at once.

1. How many holiday decorations do you have stored that you actually pull out and use all of for each holiday? Opportunity to free up storage space.

2. Have you came home from the grocery store and discovered you just bought a couple of things you already had in your pantry because it was tucked back behind stuff? Save money on holiday meals and hosting by taking inventory of what you have before shopping for that special ingredient or spice.

3. Going through kids’ clothes, toys, jackets, and shoes is a tedious task but a much needed one, especially this time of year. Helps to understand what they have plenty of, determine necessary and unnecessary gift ideas, AND donations are very appreciated for those in need!

4. Who doesn’t enjoy an organized closet, laundry room, or play room? Get rid of what doesn’t fit, doesn’t work, and is worn out. The areas in your home used often may not stay that way, but getting rid of things that just take up space over time is a great habit to get used to.

Choose a couple key times throughout the year to tackle a couple mini organizing and decluttering projects. You might be surprised at what you find!

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