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Home Facelift On A Budget

I have 3 children so when we built our new home, we found ways to incorporate the majority of furniture we already had and I added in a few new décor pieces such as rugs, a little artwork here and there. I was not about to buy new furniture given we still have youngins in the house, what we had still functioned fine, and we also have 2 dogs in the family (yes they are spoiled and sleep on the couch). Shopping on a budget can see more time consuming hunting for the right pieces within the right price range, but even if you have a much larger budget, sometimes that can be a challenge also….the right chair back, the right fabric, and custom pieces, yes, time consuming! Consider these resources for browsing and picking up a few key items that can give your home a new look for less money.

1. Facebook Marketplace (this can be addictive!)

2. Thrift Stores and Second Hand Shops (Amanda’s Exchange, Consigned By Design, Salvage & Co. are just a few suggestions)

3. Shop online retailers like Wayfair (one of my faves!)

4. Craigslist

5. Estate Sales

It is very possible to locate unique furniture and décor that speak to you without paying top dollar. We look at rooms in layers. Finding a piece here and there, deciding we are happy with it and continue to layer on more as we go. Happy Shopping!

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