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Kristin Ann Interior Design was named an expert on Redfin for interior design. View article here!

The article link below will provide trends from multiple Interior Designers in their predictions for the shift in home design for the coming year. Very insightful. Thank you to Holly Hooper for collaborating with a variety of Designers and putting together an in depth piece that seems to show that no matter our individual locations, we are seeing very common trends for 2024.

Kristin Ann Interior Design was named an expert on Redfin for interior design. You can view the full article we were featured in: Designer Predictions and Trends | 2024

We are topic/item 8 but here are the questions I was asked and my answers for full details on what I am seeing and where I believe we are headed.

What are trends you foresee gaining prominence and the reasons behind your predictions?

"I believe we are entering an era of a warmer palette that makes us feel more cozy. Gray has always been here and will always be here, but people seem to be gravitating to shades of white, cream, hints of lighter taupe/beige, light stained woods in flooring and cabinetry, as well as incorporating more greenery and earth elements. On the darker side, black has been more present in terms of home exteriors with gutters, windows, and doors. In addition I am seeing more charcoal gray, such as iron ore by Sherwin Williams, in interior accents and exteriors. In terms of function, home offices have become more permanent within many residences and people are investing more in their space to tie it into the aesthetics of their home. Pops of color are certainly not going away despite the draw to light and airy. Homeowners are showing comfort in being more bold with tile in choosing unique and fun patterns. Warm minimalism will be very popular in the coming year promoting simplicity, functionality, comfort, and style."

What are we leaving behind and what is emerging?

"Despite the fact that many people feel gray is on its way out, I feel it will still have a strong presence for its modernism. However, grays do not tend to feel nearly as "warm" as the trends of design we are seeing more of. I believe we will see much less gray flooring and cabinetry selected as well as gray paint colors for interior walls with shades of cream, white, very light browns, light stained cabinetry, and lighter flooring emerge."

Give us a rationale on why these trends are coming and going.

"I believe people are searching for comfort in their homes. We spent a large portion of time hibernating within our walls during Covid which made people reconsider how they function within their space and how it makes them feel. People want to feel "connected" again."

What challenges or opportunities might these trends present to designers and homeowners?

"I have personally found it a bit challenging to warm a home up when the primary palette is gray from walls to floors, tile, and other finish selections. As we are transitioning to a different design concept, speaking in terms of an existing space in use, the hurdle may be that it requires not just a change in paint color or a new floor, but also in furnishings, decor, and other items in order to accomplish the true look and feel the client is looking to achieve which can be more costly."

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