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New Year, Perhaps A New Bathroom?

But why are they so expensive to remodel? I hear the same in regards to putting on a fresh coat of paint. It’s typically not one of the larger rooms in most homes so why does it equate to more than you thought? Think about all of the elements that need to be cut around in a bathroom with regards to painting. Most painters might tell you they would rather paint a bedroom over a bathroom for that very reason.

In terms of remodeling, depending on the extent, one of the bigger ticket items is a custom shower. Also consider any time you want to move/add plumbing, add /move electrical, it impacts your costs. A bathroom does not have the cabinetry a kitchen does or the appliances, but with a full remodel, typically the same trades need to come in…..plumber, electrician, drywall, paint, carpentry, tile, etc. And it can be very difficult to get more than one or two people in the space at once to work. The cost for finishes varies drastically. A 60” vanity can equate to $700 in some cases, depending on your taste and budget, to double that, or more, easily. If you need/want a custom counter top, yep, you guessed it, usually a higher price tag. With my projects I typically give a client a detailed budget to spend on finishes to help keep the costs in line. That way they know, as we go, if they are over or under spending.

When you really break down each item that goes in to the bathroom and start researching prices, it begins to make sense how the remodel costs can add up quickly.

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