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Why Hire A Designer For New Construction?

There’s a common misconception that people think interior designers are too expensive and that they can’t afford one.  But, in reality, a good designer can help a client not only save money but reduce headaches. 

 When looking at blueprints or walking through a home newly under construction, a designer is looking at the end result...imagining artwork on the walls, furniture in place, lamps where they should be.

 I remember when my husband and I were working with an architect while planning to build our new home and envisioning the end product throughout the entire planning process. 

The design part of the process doesn't begin after the walls are built.  It begins with the initial planning for construction stages. 

If you are working with a production builder, as you finalize the blueprints, the process for most is that you will schedule time with a design consultant at one of the builders' design centers. They will sit down with you, show you options, and you will begin the selection process. There are A LOT of decisions to make and for some, this can be very overwhelming.

The upgrades can add up quickly so focusing on the areas that mean the most to you is important. 

Where are you comfortable spending a little more to upgrade, while pulling back in other areas of the home?  There are dozens of options, as well as varying levels of pricing in just granite and quartz counter tops alone.  You will most likely find yourself asking throughout the selection process, well, how much more is this going to cost me? 

For a custom new build, an interior designer is not only an advantage for the finishes but the actual design of the home itself…the blueprints.

Begin working with a designer at that point. The objective is not just, “how do we make the home look fantastic,” but also, “how do we function within the space?” With a custom build, the design process can seem more challenging and stressful because you will most likely be given a little more freedom and options when making finish selections.  Builders have relationships established with vendors and suppliers. 

In our case, we were pointed in a specific direction to select flooring, for example. However, we could look through the ENTIREshowroom, and had a certain budget in mind given by the builder.  Have you ever walked into a large flooring showroom stocked with hundreds of samples to look at?  I was like a kid in a candy store, but for some, this might make their head spin.

Whether you are working with a production or custom builder, you will need to select everything from countertops, tile, carpet, faucets, hardware, cabinets, paint, you name it.  How do you pull it all together to achieve the look you want at a price that works for your budget and obtain a design that feels custom made for you? 

Consider assistance from an interior designer! 

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