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Quart or Granite?

Quartz or Granite?

A question I get a lot is: Quartz or Granite, what do you recommend? Is one really better than the other? Well, in many ways, it’s more about personal preference, use, and in some cases, price. Granite is a very hard stone and 100% natural. It is mined in very large pieces, broken down to a manageable size and then polished. Quartz is different in that only 90-95% of it is actually made up of quartz with the rest being polymer resins. It is a man-made product but still packs a powerful punch to granite in durability. Most who select quartz over granite lean to it because of the simplicity/veining in popular stones while granite tends to offer busier colors and a lot of variation in pattern. This is a lot of the reason quartz has exploded as a product of choice. With granite, no two stones are exactly alike, so finding just the right one is part of the task in making a selection.

A couple of other differences to note are use and care. Granite is slightly porous so certain acids and oils can stain it. There are several products out there to prevent staining such as sealers and others to remove it, but there are also natural remedies you can try. Quartz does not call for resealing, however the idea of red wine or a kool-aide ring on a white quartz makes me uneasy, personally. Both require soap and water or everyday household cleansers. A drawback for quartz is the inability to withstand a lot of heat. Never set a hot pan directly on it or you may experience cracking.

Costs can vary widely for both stones. Quartz does tend to be pricier with fewer options by comparison to say, a lower cost granite. Every stone supplier marks their stones differently, but price is not displayed, so be sure to ask when you visit to make a selection how they are categorized. I have found that clients are surprised at the cost to fabricate and install the stone. Like every specialized skill, it requires the right equipment, and experience to do it well.

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